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About Us


Moldovan Fashion Manufacturing Association (APIUS) represents the community of local producers of clothing, knitwear, leather goods, footwear and accessories. The Association is committed to advancing the development of a thriving fashion industry in Moldova, addressing the needs of the private sector in terms of government support and implementing the best practices applied by similar professional organizations. APIUS brings together 120 members, offering extensive assistance in the professional and social fields and promoting effective lobbying for its members.



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Active Companies

in Moldova Fashion Industry

What We Offer


We connect you with over 450 active enterprises from fashion manufacturing industry.


Full-service packages: companies provide complex services such as CMT (cut, make, trim); FOB (free on board); private label; execution of samples; pattern design.


Optimized apparel production model: companies are responsible throughout the entire supply chain, from the creative process of designing garments, finishing and sewing, up to delivering orders at the destination point.

Advantages to Nearshoring in Moldova

Large Assortment
Women, men, kids; woven-knit-jersey; light fabrics; tailoring
Flexible Orders
Orders of 800 – 30,000 units per month
Short Delivery Time
Geographical positioning ensures delivery in short terms (2-4 weeks)
Great Experience
Decades of experience with European and international clients
Qualified Labor Force
Strong manufacturing and design education, specialized vocational schools and universities
Multilingual workforce: ENG, GR, IT, FR, RU, RO
High Quality
Long track record of quality clothing
Full-Service Package
Full array of manufacturing services, from C&M and CMT to full-service package and private label operations
Customs facilities for raw material storage and export
Tax Free
Tax Free access on EU markets, Eastern Europe and Turkey
Sustainability & Innovation
Strong fashion design, eco-friendly fabrics
An investment friendly environment

Why Clients Choose Us?


  • The most competitive manufacturing price in Eastern Europe

Door-to-Door Services

  • Easily accessible logistics and services 
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Customer cleaning services


  • Digitized and automated processes
  • Orders from 800 up to 30.000 units per month


  • Ethical manufacturing, international quality management systems
  • Occupational health and safety system and social audit

Why Trust us?

Top Quality

Moldova Fashion Industry is known for top quality production, short lead times, flexible orders, and value-added manufacturing from CMT plus to Full Package Service, including manufacturing, logistics, sourcing, design and pattern making


Adherence to BSCI and SMETA Sedex draws Moldovan suppliers under one common Code of Conduct, protecting workers’ rights and aligning with international social compliance standards


The competitive labor force and lower production costs make Moldova an attractive nearshoring destination for high quality fashion products and services

Wide Export

Underpinned by duty-free access to EU markets, Eastern European countries and Turkey, "Made in Moldova" fashion goods are exported to more than 12 countries, primarily the UK, Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands

How It Works

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APIUS Business Support for a Fee

Translation services
Reputation and background check of your potential partners
In-country logistics

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of Quality Manufacturing

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