Moldovan Manufacturers Receive International Certification and Enhance Competitiveness on the European Market

Three large Moldovan garment manufacturers, Bevera Nord, Style by Militta from Soroca, and Mobile SRL implemented social audit, compliance and quality control standards, meeting the demands for transparency and safe jobs from the international supply chains. The Integrated Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Operational Security certification (ISO 9001 and 450001) received by the moldovan manufacturers, enables factories to increase safety standards and ensure better working conditions for their 180 employees.

Receiving international accreditation, moldovan companies make steady improvements in attracting quality-conscious European buyers and increasing long-term sectoral competitiveness. In 2018, Moldovan light industry factories secured over 27,000 jobs, of which 90% are occupied by women.

Integrated QMS certification received by Moldovan garment manufacturer Style by Militta