DININIMA opens a new store at Pancom

Eight Moldovan apparel companies came together to open a new multi-brand store in downtown Chisinau, under the national fashion brand DININIMA - From the Heart. By sharing joint retail space, local apparel brands gain bargaining power to negotiate retail rental prices otherwise unaffordable for individual designers. With the support of strategic partners, USAID, Sweden and UK aid the store was updated with modern design and lighting to improve customers’ shopping experience and help increase the number of return and new customers. Such domestic retail shops help increase the resilience of Moldovan fashion producers by enabling them to bring their fashion to more desirable retail locations in Chisinau and increase sales.

The idea of joint retail space was introduced as a way to solve the challenge of finding affordable retail space, as well as to stimulate cooperation among designers. To date, DININIMA hosts six stores, bringing together more than 35 Moldovan fashion designers across 3,500 m2 of modern retail space. Since 2015, Moldova’s domestic fashion market has experienced a 20-30% annual growth.This sustained focus on Moldova’s domestic fashion market and the demonstrated success of local brands also encourages new designers to target a global market and aspire to sell their designs abroad.