Local companies in the light industry, engineering and manufacturing sectors of the Republic of Moldova have turned into “smart factories” thanks to grants obtained through the “Smart Factory” program. This initiative is implemented by the Future Technologies Project in Moldova and financed by USAID, Sweden and Great Britain in partnership with the Light Industry Employers` Association.
With the help of these investments, companies were able to implement automated production lines and efficient processes that led to improved financial performance and product quality. In addition, they also benefited from support to implement an Integrated Management System (instead of ISO SMI or according to ISO standards), thus opening up new opportunities on the international market.
The efforts and achievements of these companies were appreciated and supported by representatives of the embassies of the United Kingdom and Sweden, who highlighted the importance of investment in light industry and the support given to local entrepreneurs.
“Only together we can contribute to the development of the value chain and added value in the light industry”, says Marcela Lozovanu, executive director of APIUS.
The “Smart Factory” program will continue to operate until November 2023, supporting the innovation and development of the manufacturing sector in the Republic of Moldova. This is great news for the country’s economy and our talented entrepreneurs!

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