Chisinau, Moldova – The third edition of Moldovan Brands Runway (MBR), held on March 29-30, triumphantly unfolded under unexpectedly warm weather, showcasing the innovative spirit and creative flair of the Moldovan fashion scene. With the theme “Whispers of the Deep,” this year’s event took attendees on a deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between fashion and the marine world, significantly elevating the standard for fashion events in Moldova.

A Tapestry of Talent Across Borders
The runway lit up with the Spring-Summer collections of 17 distinguished designers from Moldova, Romania, Georgia, and Ukraine featuring OK KINO, Julia Allert, L. Storojuc, Valentina Vidrascu, Andra Handaric (RO), BAHRIM (RO), Sotropa, Sekana, Georgette, Ionel, EHO, Mallena, March Again, Tricon, Nicole Storm, Barbara Collection, and colective runway of Dofamin Concept Space (Bevza, GUDU, J’amemme, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, Ruslan Baginskiy etc.) (UA/GE). Their offerings ranged from minimalist cuts and palettes to vividly colorful designs, traditionally inspired clothing, and pieces reflecting inspirations from various cultures.Each show was uniquely complemented by the immersive digital art of French artist Maotik, blending fashion with cutting-edge digital storytelling. The event drew in a full house, with many guests standing to admire the creativity and craftsmanship on display.

Interactive Art and Global Attendees
Between shows, guests were treated to Maotik’s interactive and immersive art installations, which adorned the main stage, hall, and digital exhibition. The digital expo also featured the captivating water-themed works of artists Milkorva and Rus Khasanov, adding depth and diversity to the event’s artistic exploration.

MBR SS24 attracted Chisinau’s most stylish, along with international visitors from France and Denmark, government representatives, bloggers, stylists, and journalists. A highlight of the event was the street style displayed by attendees, many of whom dressed to echo the event’s oceanic theme, showcasing the individuality and fashion-forward thinking of Moldova’s community.

Unanimous Praise and Forward Momentum
Feedback from attendees has been positive, reflecting a growing appreciation and anticipation for
Moldova’s evolving fashion industry. The successful integration of fashion and digital art at MBR SS24 not only set a new benchmark for future editions but also underscored the potential of Moldovan fashion on the international stage.

As MBR continues to grow and inspire, we extend our deepest thanks to our designers, artists, guests, and partners who made this event a landmark in the journey of Moldovan fashion. We look forward to further elevating the creative and cultural landscape of Moldova in future events.

A selection of photos from the SS24 edition of Moldovan Brands Runway can be found here:


About Moldovan Brands Runway:
Moldovan Brands Runway is a fashion event and platform that showcases and promotes both local and international fashion brands in Moldova. MBR aims to celebrate and elevate Moldovan fashion while also providing a space for collaboration and innovation within the industry. This event typically features runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, and other activities related to fashion, creating a vibrant and dynamic fashion ecosystem in Moldova.

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